InReach is like outreach in terms of discipleship, evangelism, and the gospel of love. The difference is that rather than going out of the doors, we offer these things to the ones who come inside our doors, into the midst of the present community, wherever it may be represented by Christ's own. 

InReach includes the things we do for one another, the one who is closest, for the sake of Christ. It is the power of invitation practiced consistently, at home. The Christian home, which is the church, is not a building, but only sometimes necessarily housed in one. It has walls that are completely porous with not only doors, but with open hearts. The Christian home is movable and moves with us, those who are called to be members. As our circles of contact move in faithful intersection among members, and those invited through doors and hearts, InReach happens. 

"The best way to serve Christ and to be faithful to his teachings is to commit ourselves to intentional (not random) acts of kindness. Feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, and pray for the healing of the sick. If we do that for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do it for the sake of Christ" (1). 

The St. Christopher Family seeks to do all things for the sake of Christ, knowing well that those who live among us, and those to whom we go, are the least: the stranger, and hungry, unclothed, captive, and in need of healing, in a variety of ways. 

(1) Forward Movement Publications, unknown author, 2003