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Lay Pastoral Assistants

A ministry of Lay Pastoral Assistants has come to St. Christopher.
This specialized ministry meets the current and increasing need for ongoing coordinated care in our adult parish family. 

Lay Pastoral Assistants take on-call, one week in a six-week cycle. During this week, they schedule and conduct follow-up visits and/or phone contacts, or written contact with parishioners, as requested by clergy. They also serve rarely as emergency backup to clergy. Lay Pastoral Assistants engage in a regular check-in/debrief process and minister at the guidance of the clergy. Although minors may be present in the context of visits made by Lay Pastoral Assistants, direct pastoral care to minors will be offered by clergy, only. 

Those who participate in this ministry are offered basic training to visit: hospitals, shut-ins, hospices, nursing homes, and private homes. The 8-week training is mandatory, followed by commissioning at a Sunday Eucharist. 

The LPA Call Schedule is attached to this page (see below). A brochure concerning the LPAs and Good Shepherding School is attached to this page.

In order to be considered for this ministry, you must be a regular Communicating member of the parish, Safeguarded (both for children and adults), able to drive, willing to commit to the educational program and the on-call schedule. 
If you meet these requirements and are interested in the blessings of this ministry, please contact 281-332-5553. 

Please see the sidebar under Inreach to read about the Good Shepherding School for Lay Pastoral Ministry

2015 LPA Commissioning Service Photos

2014 LPA Class Photo and Commissioning Service Photos

2013 LPA Class Photo and Commissioning Service Photos


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