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Online Church Directory

NOTE: Only active communicants appear in our on-line phone directory, meaning, those who are categorized as Members on the parish record and registered with the Diocese as such, who participate in regular worship and participating in the Sacraments. For privacy purposes, only those who are listed can access the directory. This is done by email address. The email address on file with the parish, and the one used (below), must match. If you would like to become a Member, as defined above, please see one of the clergy to schedule a membership meeting. We will love to complete that process with you! 

Procedure for signing up for the On-Line Directory 

1) Go to 

2) Click on: First time signing in?
Create a login now.   

3) Fill in your email address as it shows in the church directory.

(If you have a new email address, please send it to the church office so that it may be entered into the system.) 

4) Enter a password and then confirm the same password.

(Be sure and store this password in a safe place.) 

5) The system will then send a confirmation email to you.  

6) In order to complete the sign-up process, verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you in that email. Once you confirm your email, you may sign-in to the church directory.  

Procedure for acquiring the On-Line Directory for your smart phone 

Go to the App Store on your phone and look up Instant Church Directory.

Install on your phone.

Enter your email address as shown in the church directory.

Follow instructions.