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Mission to Malawi

The Warm Heart International 4th pilgrimage to Southern Malawi, Africa, occurred in June 2014! 

St. Christopher missioners joined St. David's Episcopal Church, Austin, at the invitation of the Diocese of Southern Malawi. Pilgrimage delegates stayed in Blantyre with host families, learning why Malawi is called the "Warm Heart of Africa" through worship, ministry, and outreach. Pictured to the left is Fr. Tom Day, sharing technology with the children of the Diocese of Southern Malawi.

Follow St. Christopher as we continue to develop and grow the relationship with our sister outstation churches in the Diocese of Southern Malawi, to include: meals for orphaned children, developing education and trade programs, handmade clothing, and the planned building of outdoor kitchens and mills.


Almighty God, pour out your grace and love on the people of the Diocese of Southern Malawi.  Provide food for those who are hungry, heal those who are sick, and guide those who are lost. Sanctify our relationship with Malawi Parish, especially remembering St. Paul’s, Masulani; St. Matthew’s, Masinde; St. Ann’s, Mdeka; St. Joseph’s, Matundo; and, St. Michael’s, Mkula. Give strength and courage to Fr. Dan and Bishop Kalemba as they strive for justice and peace in their country, and proclaim your word with boldness. Amen.