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Days for Girls Ministry

Calling Sewists: Keep Girls in School!

Did you know that some girls and young women in Third World countries face a monthly obstacle in attending school and work? Lack of facilities and supplies often mean that girls miss up to 8 months of school every 3 years, resulting in limited education, and lower earning potential and status. Many are forced to abandon school altogether.

Join with those who are committed to make a tangible difference in the lives of these women and women-to-be, by assuring their ability to work and receive wages that allow them to care for themselves and their families.

The simple, cleanable and reusable hygiene kit in the hand of this young woman, given the possible results of educational and economic disadvantages, has the power to save her life! This is ministry is open to anyone willing to sew up a solution, expand our mission field in Nicaragua, Africa, and beyond, and keep girls in school without interruption. Skilled sewists are sought, but anyone can help with cutting, assembly, and finishing work.

Regular make-it-on-the-spot sessions are scheduled Saturdays, 9am-2pm, or as announced. Coffee, juice and sandwich fixings will be providedIf you have a sewing machine and/or serger, please bring these. All the other items needed to create these special kits are supplied.


The movement is international, but the initiative is now local. Click HERE to learn more about Days for Girls, and then contact the church office to learn when the next event is planned.

Days for Girls Sew-A-Thon Coming Soon!

Undies Sundies Come to St. Christopher!

Want to help with the Days for Girls initiative, which supplies sustainable hygiene kits to girls and young women in the mission field, so that these daughters of God can stay in school? Want to help Days for Girls help these one-day women receive the education to be able to support their families, but can't sew? Just want to do more?

Well, Undies Sundies is coming to St. Christopher to help you do just that. The last "Sundie" of the month is now the day to donate the undergarments needed to finish the kit! Find the demure basket outside the Welcome Center and slip your gift under the lid! Needed are panties, girls' sizes 10-16, and ladies' sizes 4-8. Darker-colored, cotton low-rise briefs in multi-packs are most useful (and Fruit of the Loom throws in 2 for free). Please, no white undergarments.