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Living Water International Mission Nicaragua


Living Water Int'l Missions to Nicaragua,

September 2013

June and September 2014

and July 2015, combined also with Days for Girls


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Interested in making a mission to bring clean water and improved hygiene to the
people of Nicaragua? Call the church office for details: 281-332-5553.

 Imagine . . .
  • - A community in which 1/3 of the families don’t have access to clean water (yes, the clear fluid that flows endlessly from our faucets);
  • - Retrieving your supply of water for the stream or river that’s over a mile away (and yes, the women and children are sent to haul it back); and,  
  • - A country with the average “per capita” income of $2,840 [USD equivalent].


As Christians we are challenged to action, not passivity. Jesus taught: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matt 25:40). The Republic of Nicaragua is this country, one of the poorest and neediest in the world! 
Through Living Water International, nine St. Christopher members traveled to Rivas, Nicaragua, for a one-week, focused adventure. Why do we go? 


Living Water International states it this way: “LWI exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience the ‘Living Water’ – The Gospel of Jesus Christ – which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.” We go to build relationships and to share love of Christ. During the week of our mission, we drill and install a new well; teach key elements of good hygiene; share the reality of the Gospel; and, play with and show these the people of Nicaragua our love.

2015 Mission Report

Excerpted from this Mission Team Lead’s Field Notes

“Thursday - Another morning of prayer, praise and guitar mixing with a fabulous breakfast. Arrival at the site showed the villagers ready for more education and the finalizing of the well. Throughout the whole week, the village women and children have received information about: nutrition; how to care for themselves with the occurrence of diarrhea incidents; good oral hygiene; and, a better way for girls to maintain healthfulness during the menstrual cycle with Days for Girls kits, etc. Many of the education and drilling sessions have been recorded with video and still photography.

 Prior to lunch, the St. Christopher sponsorship plaque (in Spanish) was placed into the pad. 

Lunch was vegetable soup provided by the villagers served in a barn to keep us out of the wind and dust. After lunch, the rapid process of assembly of the well pump mechanism proceeded and was completed. 

After priming of the well, the village had water! 

Praise God - His reward to this village from a Tuesday afternoon of heartbreak to this Thursday afternoon was a well at 80+ feet that will produce water even in the dry season. Another success story of a village with a well, drilled by St. Christopher mission team.  Finally, a tearful goodbye of joy in accomplishment, and sadness in departure from these wonderful people."

2014 Mission Report
This mission trip was so very powerful for everyone involved. We were able to find water for a village that had already had two unsuccessful attempts. Despite a small delay in the final installation of the pump (the well needed some extra time to flush out the system), the village will have their own fresh water pump very soon. A map with the exact coordinates of their new well appears to the left!

The people of the community were so amazing and lived a fellowship of looking after their neighbors. Daniel H. writes, "When I reflected on our own lives in the hustle and bustle of 'first world' living and all of the things  that we fill our lives with that distract us from the ways that we could better serve our communities, it was humbling. The village sacrificed much of their resources (in barrels and barrels of water needed to run the drill) in the faith that God would provide them water and that faith should soon be rewarded. Please ask any of the team members for personal experiences with this trip so that they can share the good word with you on an individual basis."

Truly this was a mission trip that any of us would love to share. Special thanks to Greg D. and Greg O. for their leadership and experience and may God continue to bless them and the rest of our team seen in the photo: Mary, Anna, Carolina, Gaby, Alex, and Jim from the St Christopher family, as well as new friends in Christ: Pamela, Roger, Cody, and Mike. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

2013 Mission Report
Your prayers were effective! The St. Christopher/LWI Mission Team returned having met and exceeded all the goals of the mission! There were no illnesses, impediments, or other emergencies.
Greg O. shares, "The St. Chris team did extremely well in Nicaragua. Fran, Ximena, and Lisa, with the Living Water hygiene lead, were very effective teachings and sharing Bible stories with the kids and moms. The love and compassion were abundant! God ran everything, very clearly.
The guys, with Joni and two Canadians, under the guidance of the Living Water International drill lead, patiently led us in drilling and developing the well. We have endless stories and gained such a unique perspective on how these people can be so happy with so very little. The poorest of poor in the US are wealthy compared to these folks."

"To the upper left is the first sign of clean water coming out of the well during the pressure testing. These boys have likely never had a clean water mud-flight-fight. It was a joyous experience for them. Another photo (lower left) shows Ximena with a group doing their hand puppets on tooth health."