Visiting St. Christopher Church for the first time...

Where do I park?

You can enter our main parking lot off of St. Christopher Ave.  There is ample parking and we encourage you, as a visitor, to park in one of the places, marked as such, near the entrance. Disabled parking is marked as nearest the main entrance.

Where do I enter the church?   

On Sunday mornings, we encourage you to take the main entrance, which is the set of double glass doors at the end of the courtyard sidewalk. The courtyard is central to the campus and marked with the signage, "Worship Entrance." Just within the double glass doors, you will find The Welcome Center. At the main entrance you will find a visitor center with people to welcome and assist you. A secondary door, entering Buckner Hall, is found on the left side of the courtyard. The Administrative Building is on your right. This entrance is not accessible on Sunday mornings, however, weekday visitors will be received at this door.

What to expect on my visit?

St. Christopher is a warm, inviting community and most anyone can help you with any questions. There is a team of members, however, whose ministry it is to help you at your first visit. Most likely, they will recognize you as a visitor before you recognize them. They can familiarize you with the facility and help you get oriented. If you have children that you would like to place in childcare or Sunday School, they will assist you in doing this.

Is there childcare?

We encourage you to worship with your children, but you do have the option of placing your child (0-4 yrs) into our Kingdom Kids child care facility. If your child is older (5-10 yrs), we offer Sunday school programs at 9:15AM.  If your child is in Jr. or Sr. High, he/she is invited to attend our youth group Sunday morning program at 9:15AM.

Which service should I attend?

All our services offer a unique worship experience that meets you where you are in your life. Our 8:00AM service is a traditional (Rite I) service that is a quiet and reflective experience. This service includes traditional music (hymns) and offers an experience that embraces the mystery of God. The 10:30am Rite II service is a slightly more contemporary family-oriented service that still engages traditional forms of music in a slightly less formal atmosphere. The 10:30am Contemporary Service is a modern worship experience that encourages people to come as they are and to engage in the Good News of Jesus Christ from a variety of perspectives. The music at this service is provided by guitar, drums, and other instruments.

How do I receive Communion?

All of our services offer Holy Communion. This is an ancient practice of a ritualized meal. Also called Holy Eucharist or The Lord's Supper, most Christian faith traditions practice it in one form or another. Everyone who has been baptized is invited to participate. At the 8:00am Rite I and 10:30am Rite II services people go to the front and kneel to receive Communion. Place one hand on top of the other first to receive the bread. You may consume the bread right then, or dip it in the wine. When the wine comes to you, you may help the minister guide the cup to your mouth, or you can dip the bread in the cup at this time. You may then stand and return to your seat. At the 10:30am Contemporary Service, Communion is received standing; otherwise it occurs in much the same fashion.

If you prefer not to receive the wine, please know that the benefits and blessings are the same if you only receive the bread. Please just have a seat after having received it. We offer gluten free Communion wafer for those with wheat sensitivities. Please cup one hand over the other as a sign to the priest that you would like to receive the gluten free "bread." If you would like to be blessed rather than receive Communion, you may request this by crossing your arms over your chest.

How do I become a member?

Once you have attended a few times and have shown an interest in being part of this community of faith, you will be contacted in order to set a meeting time with one of the clergy. If you don't wish to wait to be contacted, just ask one of the clergy about membership and we'll get you started.