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The Vestry
The vestry consists of a dedicated group of 12 church members who provide leadership and make important decisions regarding the operation of our facilities and ministries. They are elected every year at our annual meeting to serve three year terms.

Dan Keener - Sr. Warden
Bob MacGregor - Jr. Warden
Roger DeRick - Clerk
Eric Ellis
Mary Ferris
Janet Lamb
Malin LaPlace
Alice McCalla
Ray McPhail
Pete Montgomery
Greg Oliver
Eric Reinagel


The Rev. Brian W. Cannaday, Head Pastor



Administrative and Program Staff


Chelsea Montero, Parish Administrator


Ally Hardick, Lay Ministry & Outreach Coordinator

Meghan Appelbaum, Youth Minister


Kim Johnson, Children’s Ministry Director


Tami Martinez, Mother’s Day Out [MDO] Director


Kristen Boe, Bookkeeper


Lois Howell, Choir Director


Jeffrey Cooper, Organist