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We are a community dedicated to worshiping and loving God. We pray together, serve our community, empower each other's ministry, and worship God.  We invite you to pray about how you can be blessed by this community of faith, and how can you can be a blessing to others.

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The Mission of St. Christopher Episcopal Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.  


The Vision of St. Christopher Episcopal Church is an inviting and welcoming community of Jesus' followers who love and serve all people. .  

  • Worship: Praising God through the sacraments in a musically diverse, relaxed atmosphere using traditional and contemporary services.

  • Spiritual Growth: Exploring God’s Word to enhance our family’s spiritual development.

  • Prayer: Believing in the power of prayer to address life’s challenges.

  • Acceptance: Respecting the diversity of all God’s people.

  • Christian Love: Sharing the Peace of Jesus Christ through pastoral care and outreach in our community, across the nation and in distant lands.

  • Youth Ministry: Encouraging our youth to follow Jesus Christ and take part in the ministry of the Church. 

  • Fellowship: Praying, working, eating and playing together.

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