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Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs) - Trained lay ministers who assist with parishioner-to-parishioner pastoral care. Lay Pastoral Assistants serve on-call, as a team of three, once every 6 weeks. During their ministry week, LPA teams, deployed by and under the supervision of the rector of St. Christopher, connect with parishioners through a variety of means. These include personal visits, phone calls, text messaging, emails, prayer and/or sending cards of encouragement and support, and home Eucharist visits.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) - Trained Lay Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion and worship to individuals in local community, including assisted living facilities, continuing care facilities, and nursing home facilities. LEVs are pastoral representatives of the Body of Christ, the Church, to those are unable to engage in the regular corporate worship of The Church.  


Pastoral Emergencies

If you or another parishioner you know needs pastoral care, please call 281-332-5553 x 305.  Confidential support will be arranged.  You may also speak with any of the Lay Pastoral Assistants on Sundays who can be identified by their blue badges.

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