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Chris' List: Parish Classifieds



Chris' List has been created to promote:
  • Parishioner-to-parishioner connections and community-building
  • Good stewardship of individual and shared resources
  • Meeting basic needs before they become pastoral care needs
  • Announcements of events that concern individual parishioners, but are not parish-sponsored
Examples: Co-op grocery or bulk purchases; ride needed; give away event tickets to someone appreciative; get assistance with a simple repair or question; find a tutor or sitter; sell something you can't afford to give away; trade a good/service for a service/good; find an exercise buddy.

What Chris' List is not:
  • A means for announcement or invitation to private children's/youth events or parties
  • A blog or forum for general announcements, opinions, or commentaries
  • A venue for regular advertisement/s or promotion of a business
  • A medium for campaigning, political or otherwise
  • No "personals" (it goes without saying)

How it works, a.k.a. the Rules:
  • Chris' List is a service to parish family members. If your name does not appear on the rolls, regretfully we cannot run your ad. . . . yet!
  • No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to place or respond to an ad on Chris' List.
  • Your ad of 30 words or less is sent to chrislist@stchrischurch.org. You must have an email address to participate in this service. This email address will filed with the Administrator, only.
  • The Chris' List Administrator reserves the right to refuse or edit the ad. Decisions will be communicated by email shortly after submission.
  • Ads are posted for 30 days, and then are deleted. The same ad (same subject, same request) can be posted only once.
  • Ads are updated once a week. Please do not expect immediate posting or site-monitoring.
  • All ads will be assigned a number, to assist with identification.
  • As this website is public, parishioner contact information will not be provided via the ad. 
  • Respondents must reply to chrislist@stchrischurch.org and will provide his/her contact information, which by reply, authorizes forwarding. 
  • Respondents must provide the three-digit ad number.
  • The Chris' List Administrator will forward this information to the party placing the ad. Response is at the sole discretion and liability of the parishioner who has placed the ad.
  • Respondents should consider "no communication" as no interest, or the need has been met. 
  • The parish/Chris' List Administrator will not provide negotiation between parties, or further liaison of communications.
Disclaimer, of course:
  • St. Christopher Episcopal Church offers no endorsement or safeguards concerning goods, services, arrangements between parties, or safeguards concerning connections and communications. 
  • Participation on Chris' List, whether requestor or respondent, implies agreement that the webpage provides a clearinghouse of advertisements, only, and that all connections and communications are considered at-will and undertaken by individual adults.  
  • All financial exchanges are between the parties, directly, and at their own risk. The parish will not handle any transactions, transfer, or mail any funds.

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