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Jr. Warden’s Annual Report for 2011

posted Jan 23, 2012, 12:19 PM by associate@stchrischurch.org

Year 2011 began with a flurry of activity. During January major repairs were completed to the boiler which provides heat to the sanctuary and administration wing.  This was followed by installation of a new energy management system. In February renovations to the front entrance were begun and completed before Easter.  This was followed by our spring parish workday which resulted in a much needed spruce-up of the exterior of our premises.

Then in late April we were challenged with a series of unexpected problems which required immediate attention.  Two air-conditioners servicing the administration offices were discovered to be inoperable and un-repairable. Simultaneously, major damage to the boiler room, electrical panels and water lines in the mid court a/c area was discovered.  This damage was a result of foundation settling stemming from the worst drought in recorded history for our area.

Action to resolve these problems included the following replacements/repairs:  one new five ton air conditioner; major high voltage electrical panel; boiler room walls; boiler pump; water line repairs; sagging retaining wall (under warranty).

In August in preparation for the MDO school year and with a grant from the ECW, the following inoperable equipment was replaced in the kitchen and education wing (1) ice machine (2) water fountain (3) and water heater.

In late September a disastrous lightning strike destroyed the fire alarm system (very old); energy management system (new); sign computer (old); library computer (old) and office printer (old).

Along with major repairs to old air conditioners and other budgeted and non-budgeted expenses, the total cost of all the above items was $48,000.  This amount was offset by generous gifts from our parish family ($8,000) and the ECW ($3,500) along with net proceeds from insurance claims ($15,200).  The net financial impact on cash came to $21,300 compared with an initial budget of $4,500.  The unbudgeted overrun of $16,800 came out of cash reserves.  Re-leveling of the courtyard wall was covered completely under warranty as was the boiler pump rebuild.

In addition to the above, the following items were contributed by parish members; new picture for men’s room; new shop vacuum for kitchen; three used computers for office.  A blessing in all of this is that the lightning strike allowed us to replace an old defective fire alarm system and aging computer equipment that otherwise would not have been affordable by the church.

The scriptures tell us that the Lord tests those whom he loves.  I think he must love us greatly based on the testing our parish has experienced this year.  We thank our Lord for all of his blessings.  And thank you parish family for your generous giving of time and money which made it possible to achieve so much in 2011.

Neal Jarratt – Jr. Warden

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