Temporary Darkness

“We are not led out of life’s dark experiences: we are led through them. But the end is the victory that is all the more real because it has really been one. Our Lord reveals Himself as One Who in our nature meets our experience, wins the victory, and presents to the Father the untainted humanity which is our worship and our prayer.” Fr. Andrew, from Christ the Companion It’s easy to get lost when there is no light. I would need multiple hands to count how many times I’ve hit my head on our bedroom door in the morning because of the darkness in the room. Darkness can feel empty, as if no matter where you turn, things are hollow. With no light, there is no escape. John 8:12 says, “I am the li

Lizard Shower

I was watering newly planted hedges this morning, and I noticed a lizard in the open grass right next to the one I was watering. After a few moments, I noticed he wasn’t moving at all. I moved on to the next hedge, hoping I was not the cause of his demise. As soon as the water stream shifted away from its reach, the lizard moved to the next hedge being watered. Though I saw this, I really didn’t anything of it, except to say I was glad it wasn’t dead. Then the lizard did it again… and again… and again. Hedge after hedge, the lizard followed that water stream, as if refreshed by the shower of rain that fell upon it. I wonder… what refreshes you? It’s not a question or even a possibility that

I Know

Even in the best of times, plans often change. No matter how much work goes into scheduling an event or vacation or gathering or anything really, there is always the chance that something can come up, forcing a shift in those plans. As all of us are experiencing now, change is the rule rather than the exception. Plans that have been laid out for months for this event or that conference or this service or that vacation, are all at best in flux and at worse cancelled. I was asked earlier last week if I would be willing to step in and perform a wedding that had been scheduled for months but could no longer take place as planned due to our new temporary normal. I was blessed to say yes (fear


“COVID-19 is reminding us that after every difficulty, there is always ease. Life is cyclical, and this is just a phase in this great cycle. We do not need to panic; this too shall pass.” Attributed to Bill Gates What the writer calls cycles, I call seasons. Seasons are something with which we Anglicans can surely identify. Our church year is made up of seasons, giving a rhythm to our daily and weekly life as the Body of Christ. Whether it’s the preparatory season of Advent, the penitential season of Lent, or the upcoming celebratory season of Easter, all the seasons of the church mark a period of time that gives us the chance to focus on God in different ways. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says in

I Love to Laugh

“The more I laugh The more I fill with glee The more the glee The more I'm a merrier me” Dick Van Dyke – Mary Poppins Hopefully you haven’t forgotten how to laugh. I had two unexpected moments of laughter today (neither of which will sound funny if written down, so I will spare you the details). It’s easy to forget the importance of laughter, given our current circumstances. It might even be the case that one doesn’t feel like laughing, or can’t imagine laughing. There are so many opportunities to dwell on despair, whether our own or others. Yet when we stay in a place of sadness or anger, hardness of heart creeps in and starts to take root. Laughter and joy is the enemy of all these things.

It Hurts

Yesterday I bumped into a church family member. After a bit of checking in, this person said to me, “I didn’t realize how much the church family was tied to my every day life. I didn’t know how much it would hurt not to see everyone.” It was a profound observation and faithful response. Our separation from each other, though temporary, brings about all sorts of different emotions and thoughts, not the least of which is the feeling of loss. Separation from family, friends, loved ones, community… it’s supposed to hurt, for we are created to be in relationship with each other. This is what makes the death of a loved one particularly painful. Though we know, by the grace of God, that the relatio

Cabin Fever

We’ve all experienced it, and, my guess is that most of us are experiencing some form of it now in our own way. I know I am. For me, it’s not cabin fever in the sense of being stuck in the house all day. I’ve been blessed to be at the church most days, checking on the campus and managing the new ways we are having to do ministry. Rather, my cabin fever is more along the lines of being paralyzed... emotionally, mentally, even spiritually from time to time. It’s an exhaustion for me, not from overworking (God for sure knows millions of people worker harder than I could ever imagine, in particular those working at the grocery stores right now… I admire them greatly!). No, this exhaustion comes

Worship Service Is Going Live

St. Christopher Family, Tomorrow begins our new temporary way of worship. Please join us live from St. Christopher at 10:00 a.m. for Holy Eucharist Rite II with music, children’s sermon, and regular sermon. It will be a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary music. In addition, we will be adopting some traditions of St. Augustine of Hippo in Galveston, with whom we partner in worship during this time. You can also find a simple worship bulletin that will be linked to our website. All the links can be found below. We invite everyone, who is willing and able, to please maintain your giving to the church. Your generosity and stewardship allow us to continue our collective ministry an

Things Are Getting Crispy

Three year residential seminary can be a pressure cooker. It is intimate, intentional community, where everyone knows your business. While there are times of shared joy and celebration, there are often just as many times of angst and discord. Early on in my first semester at Sewanee, there was a particular moment of disagreement in a class (what the disagreement was, I do not recall). However, I do remember my classmate’s response to the conflict. He leaned over and said, “things are starting to get crispy.” Now perhaps he meant chippy. I never really asked. What I do know is that “things are getting crispy” became a mantra for our group of friends every time conflict stirred. I felt some “c


Two squirrels chased each other all over our front yard yesterday. Back and forth, from tree to tree, they teased and taunted each other with what seemed to be a never-ending supply of energy and fervor. As I watched them play their game of tag, it dawned on me that these two creatures of God are completely oblivious to the goings on of the world. Their greatest concern was seemingly to get the best of their opponent. I’m not too proud to say that in that moment, I was jealous. As I contemplated the advantage these two squirrels had over me when it comes to the changes and chances of this world, God took me to a deeper place… a place where squirrels can’t go. God took me to the joy of seeing

It's Still Lent

“Wait… what day is it?” I’ve asked myself this question multiple times the last few days. The interruption to daily life has caused brain fog for many, myself included. It’s the same sort of daze that kicks in when one goes on vacation. Daily and weekly time seems to congeal into one big blob. This was most obvious to me this morning, when I realized that we are still in the season of Lent. There has been no normal routine the last several days, and I have neglected my Lenten disciplines in a major way. There are moments when the first Sunday of Lent, just 3 weeks ago, when we were all gathered together for worship, feels like a lifetime ago. Time is a funny thing. Sometimes we obsess over i

Thank You Matters

Over the course of the last 6 months, I have become addicted to blueberries. They have been a great snack that have allowed me to meet some personal goals I’ve set for myself. Many of you have seen me down an entire pint in Sunday school. Some produce has been scant the last week or so, for obvious reasons. Blueberries has been one of them... but I found some this morning! I was so excited! While in the produce section, I leaned over to the manager and said, “Thank you for your hard work. All of you have been doing a tremendous job managing the chaos.” He looked at me, shocked, with tears in his eyes, and said “thank you... we don’t hear that much.” It’s a simple thing, really, to say

Got Milk?

Crystal and Hailey have been visiting family for the last week and a half for Spring Break. Hailey is the only one in our family who drinks milk anymore, so I haven’t had any in the fridge since they’ve been gone. However, yesterday I realized I needed to get some because they come back tomorrow. Hailey's got to have her cereal! I went to Kroger, and surprisingly, they had some. I put a gallon in my basket and headed to the front. I noticed people around me loading their carts full of canned goods, meat, paper products, and frozen food. I’m willing to bet you’ve had a similar experience if you’ve been to the grocery store in the last few days. As I watched the frenzy ensue, a burst of adrena

Checking In

Brothers and Sisters, On this first day of our temporary separation from one another, I write to you to offer you a few bits of information that will hopefully help us remain connected with each other: 1. During the suspension of our common life together, I will be offering a daily reflection via email and Facebook. 2. The vestry will be meeting tomorrow night to discuss our new temporary reality. We will be discussing additional ways we can remain connected during this time. 3. I have heard from many of you asking how you can help our parishioners in need. The best way you can care for and love each other during this uncertain time is to reach out to our members by phone. As the need

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