Call to Action - Letter from the Rector

Dear St. Christopher Family, Did you see it? Did you look up at the sky around 7:00 tonight? Yes indeed, the beautiful blue sky peaked through the clouds and rain... a reminder that there is something beyond the last 5 days. Clear skies are ahead. As we endure today, our reward is tomorrow. As we endure the earthy, our reward is the heavenly. As we endure the temporal, our reward is the eternal. THANKS BE TO GOD! As we live day to day, may we give God the glory for our many blessings! So many folks have been serving tirelessly over the last several days. Many of you, many from other churches, grocery store checkers and baggers, and let's not forget the first responders! They have been presen

First Responder Donations

At this time, we have been informed that League City shelters are good on donations and food. Thank you to all who have been able to get out safely and help the community! However, there is another need at this time. Our first responders are in need of food, hot meals, toiletries, and towels. All officers and dispatchers (200+) are on 24/7 duty at League City Police Department as well as National Guardsmen, Firemen, and additional emergency personnel. Other police departments are likely running operations in a similar fashion. As you are willing, able, and can safely do so, please consider providing donations at your local police departments. LCPD is located at 555 W. Walker Street, Leag

Hurricane Update - Letter from the Rector

Dear St. Christopher Family, I write to you this evening to update you on several things. Our Flock: We are a resilient bunch! I have spoken to many of you and heard your stories of the last 72 hours. Your courage and strength are inspiring! The Need: We are still assessing the great need of our congregation. Several families have taken on water, and some have lost everything. As the waters recede, I will call on the congregation to mobilize and reach out to those who will need help with cleanup efforts. Our Community: The needs remain great, and will for months to come. Many served at Clear Creek High School today. Most in that shelter are now being evacuated to GRB in Houston or flown to a

Red Cross has opened Clear Creek High School as a shelter in League City

Dear St. Christopher Family, Urgent and Immediate need for bottled water, dry non-perishable food items, blankets, bedding , air mattresses, towels, and diapers. If you are willing and able to get out safely, the drop off is the cafeteria entrance between the bus parking lot and the tennis courts off of 518. The school address is 2305 E. Main St., League City, Texas 77573. Please email with questions. Fr. Brian+ If you or another parishioner you know needs pastoral care or assistance, please call 281-332-5553 x 305. Confidential support will be arranged.

All Sunday Services and Scheduled Activities Cancelled for August 27th

Dear St. Christopher Family, As you know, Hurricane Harvey is headed our way. Devastating rain and flooding is predicted. After conversations with the Diocese of Texas, the Wardens of the church, staff, city officials, and area clergy, I have decided to cancel all church services and activities scheduled for this Sunday, August 27th. This includes youth group meetings and the IWC workshop. I invite you to worship with your families and friends at home, using the service of Morning Prayer (page 75 of the Book of Common Prayer) or Daily Devotionals for Individuals and Families (page 137 of the Book of Common Prayer). There are many people, churches, and communities along the coast that will be

Church Activity Cancellations Due to Weather

Due to the impending tropical weather, we are cancelling all church activities from Thursday evening, August 24th through Saturday, August 26th. Sunday morning worship services will take place as scheduled. New Service Schedule 8:00 - Holy Eucharist Rite I 9:00 - Fellowship and Breakfast in the Welcome Center 9:30 - Holy Eucharist Rite II with Children's Chapel* 10:30 - Christian Education for all ages 11:30 - Holy Eucharist Contemporary in Buckner Hall* *A sermon for children the first Sunday of every month If you or another parishioner you know needs pastoral care or assistance, please call 281-332-5553 x 305. Confidential support will be arranged.

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We are a community dedicated to worshiping and loving God. We pray together, serve our community, empower each other's ministry, and worship God.  We invite you to pray about how you can be blessed by this community of faith, and how can you can be a blessing to others.


If you or another parishioner you know needs pastoral care, please call 281-332-5553 x 305. Confidential support will be arranged.  You may also speak with any of the Lay Pastoral Assistants on Sundays who can be identified by their blue badges.


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