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All Sunday Services and Scheduled Activities Cancelled for August 27th

Dear St. Christopher Family,

As you know, Hurricane Harvey is headed our way. Devastating rain and flooding is predicted. After conversations with the Diocese of Texas, the Wardens of the church, staff, city officials, and area clergy, I have decided to cancel all church services and activities scheduled for this Sunday, August 27th. This includes youth group meetings and the IWC workshop.

I invite you to worship with your families and friends at home, using the service of Morning Prayer (page 75 of the Book of Common Prayer) or Daily Devotionals for Individuals and Families (page 137 of the Book of Common Prayer).

There are many people, churches, and communities along the coast that will be affected by this storm. Please pray for them, that God's almighty hand might protect them, and that they may know the peace of God which passes all understanding.

Please also reach out to your neighbors, and especially the members of St. Christopher. Check in on them. Offer assistance as you are able and as the need arises. Let the church know how we can help using the pastoral care line below.

May the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, make you strong and keep you safe during this time of uncertainty.

Fr. Brian+

If you or another parishioner you know needs pastoral care or assistance, please call 281-332-5553 x 305. Confidential support will be arranged.

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